Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dev-C++ 5.7.0 released

Changes - Version 5.7.0 - 19 Juli 2014
  • Redesigned Compiler Log.
  • Added an option to shorten compiler paths in Compiler Log.
  • Removed the Perfect Dependency Checking option in Tools >> Compiler Options >> Makefile.
  • Updated DLL Makefile creation to call gcc/g++ instead of dllwrap.exe.
  • Dev-C++ does not require the presence of dllwrap.exe anymore.
  • Fixed a few bugs that caused usage mixups between project compiler sets and global compiler sets.
  • The compiler set validator now does not complain if executables are not set.
  • Removed the Compile Delay option in Tools >> Compiler Options >> Makefile.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented editor tab filenames from being updated when using Save As.
  • Added an option to directly add a file to a folder in the project tree.
  • Fixed a crash in the class browser that happened when it had to redraw during parsing.
  • Fixed a crash in the project saving code that happened due to opening a file twice at the same time.
  • Fixed a crash in the file change monitor code.

  • The setup which includes MinGW32 4.8.1 can be downloaded here (63MB).
  • The setup which includes TDM-GCC x64 4.8.1 can be downloaded here (47MB).
  • The setup which does not include a compiler can be downloaded here (2MB).
  • The portable version which includes MinGW32 4.8.1 can be downloaded here (36MB).
  • The portable version which includes TDM-GCC x64 4.8.1 can be downloaded here (34MB).
  • The portable version which does not include a compiler can be downloaded here (2MB).
  • The latest tested compilers can be downloaded here.
  • Lastly, the source code can be found here (1MB).

Choosing between 32bit and 64bit
  • The 64bit compiler will fully work op 32bit systems.
  • The 64bit compiler can create 64bit and 32bit executables and DLLs.
  • The 64bit compiler currently provides much more headers and libraries.
  • The 32bit compiler can only create 32bit executables and DLLs.


  1. Was the option to compile the current file added back in 5.6.2 after being removed in 5.6.3? I use that feature from 5.6.2 all the time when working with a multi-file project. If 5.7.0 doesn't have it I won't be upgrading.

    1. I'll add an option to syntax check the current file instead of the whole project to 5.7.1.

  2. I have just used Dev-Cpp 5.7.0 MinGW 4.8.1 Setup.exe
    to setup the latest Dev-Cpp. When I use it to compile and run
    a C project I get the message “No disk in the drive. Insert disc into /Device/Harddisk3/DR3”.
    What is this all about?

    1. This is a bug that is present in the MinGW 4.8.1 compiler.

      I suggest you use TDM-GCC or an older version of MinGW.

    2. Thanks. Will do. I didn't think it was in the IDE. Perhaps MinGW 4.8.1 compiler.should not be released with this package.

  3. Can Orwell-DevC++ sources be compiled with another compiler (a free one , like Lazarus for instance ..) ?

    1. I haven't tested it by myself, but if your compiler supports the VCL and is compatible with Delphi 7, it should work without any problems.

      By the way, if it's free, why not give it a shot if you have some spare time?

  4. Does this version have a working code intellisense

    1. Yes, it does. You can edit intellisense preferences at Tools >> Editor Options >> Completion.

  5. Is there a way to enable text wrapping in editor?

  6. Hello, my Dev isnt stopping at the breakpoints. I used to debug with the previous versions, but with this release i didnt make it yet.
    Please help!

  7. Sorry my English
    Información Compiler: "d:\xxx\ld.exe Can't open output def file"
    The default generated file has a bug:

    # Project: Project
    # Makefile created by Dev-C++ 5.7.1

    CPP = g++.exe
    DEF = Project.def <────────────────────────────────────────────┐ bug: different name
    STATIC = Project.a <────────────────────────────┐ │
    ... │ │
    ... │ │
    $(BIN): $(LINKOBJ) ┴ ┴
    $(CC) -shared $(LINKOBJ) -o $(BIN) $(LIBS) -Wl,--output-def,$(DEFFILE),--out-implib,$(STATICLIB),--add-stdcall-alias

    1. I have this bug too! The makefile has something like
      DEF = xyz.def
      STATIC = xyz.a

      but then, it uses
      $(CC) whateverstuff, ..., $(DEFFILE), $(STATICLIB)
      although it should use $(DEF) $(STATIC) instead of $(DEFFILE) and $(STATICLIB)

      Please fix this ASAP. It's really really annoying to have to edit the makefile after every small change.

    2. Yes, I found "$ (DEFFILE)" and "$ (STATICLIB)" string is in the main program (devcpp.exe), I try by directly modifying the executable file string to fix this problem, I Remove the "FILE" and "LIB" these characters, and use "space" to fill enough length. I made it! you can through my Google Drive to download the patch.
      SHA-1 "509B65A38AAF3EB250D8632210D59AA89FA19CCC"
      Good luck!

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