Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dev-C++ released

Well, times for some fixes then. This version fixes all the bugs I'm aware of and comes with an upgraded versioning system.

Changes - Version - 20 Juli 2011
  • Fixed the language option in the executable information tab. It didn't properly set the listbox to the saved setting (losing settings upon next save).
  • Fixed a bug in the file association code: icons were missing.
  • Lines like 'in member function', 'in constructor' and 'in destructor' are now properly formatted in the Compiler Tab (no line and col numbers anymore).
  • Added line and column formatting for 'In static member function'.
  • Fixed the file version string: it now keeps in sync with incremented build numbers.
  • The spin edits which control the Project file version are now kept in sync with the strings below.
  • Added an option to synchronize product and file versions.
  • Set the default installation directory to C:\Program Files (x86)\Dev-Cpp instead of C:\Dev-Cpp.

Important notices
  1. The options format has changed. If you want to reuse an old config file (NOT recommended), or, more importantly, when you're overriding Compiler Options in your project, you need to re-set these project settings once and save the project. You'll then have an updated project file.
  2. This version has GCC built-in instead of being an aditional package. It also contains D3D9/10/11, GDI, Win32 and OpenGL headers and libraries in that flavor.
  3. This version is now fully portable. If you also don't want Dev to leave anything behind in the registry, please select "Portable" or "Minimal" in the setup options.
  4. For ultimate portable programming, please launch devcppPortable.exe.lnk located in the main folder of the portable zip download. This will make dev save its configuration files in the same folder as the executable.

The setup can be downloaded here. The Portable zip version can be downloaded here. The source code can be found here.

  • FIXED: 'Candidates are' is gone when compiler suggests functions.
  • FIXED: 'include\sys\' and 'include\' auto-include directories are conflicting.
  • FIXED: Current line and column are not set when opening a file.
  • FIXED: error: (instead of note:) Candidate is: is not properly formatted.


  1. Hello, i've got a problem building following code ( ):


    int main() {
    int k = 0;
    clock_t a = clock();
    for (int i=0; i<10000; i++)
    for (int j=0; j<10000; j++)
    printf("%d\n", (int)(clock() - a));
    scanf(" ");
    return 0;

    the compiler reported:
    [Error] '::clock_t' has not been declared
    [Error] '::tm' has not been declared
    [Error] '::clock' has not been declared
    [Error] '::difftime' has not been declared
    ...and a lot more

    Is there any way to fix this ?
    (I'm using

  2. What I can tell from my Googling around at the moment, is that it's not IDE related. All sorts of random IDE's come up with the error.

    Try Googling "'::clock_t' has not been declared" (with the quotes).

  3. Curse Google or whoever for removing the edit button, but I've found the fix here:

    Eclipse was having the same trouble, and this reply has the fix:

    A file in include\sys is conflicting with ctime. This conflicting "time.h" file is present in both include\ and include\sys, which is strange.

    This should be fixed. ;)

  4. Oh, and the user fix would be:

    Fire up Dev >> Tools >> Compiler Options >> Directories >> C++ Includes >> Remove 'sys'.

  5. It works well now, thank you very much :D !

  6. Wow!

    It is always nice to see when a widely used but outdated project gets updates. Thank you very much for your work and keep it up! :)

  7. Win32 API Template is gone from Project
    and i cant debug my application it ask me to enable debugging support and i click yes but still i cant back to its prev state..setting no debugging generated.

  8. @Xazax:

    Thank you. ;)

    And don't worry, I'll keep fixing up stuff untill I can't find bugs anymore. ;)


    I've just tested it with my version (haven't edited the debugging stuff), and, well, uhm, here's the proof it works fine (it's also part of the testing routine):

    I just clicked Debug in the Debug tab, told it to recompile (and include debug info), and then clicked debug again.

    And there you have it, a segfault detected by dev/gcc!

    You might want to read Important Notice #1. That's the only change that has anything to do with debugging (it's a part of the project options).

  9. Clicked post too soon, but ehm,

    Yes, I omitted a few project templates. They we're present in those Devpaks I removed. Thank you for the suggestion! ;)

  10. Let the spamming commence!

    Well, after some serious debugging, I've fixed the Windows Template bug: the directory scanner was a bit broken. I can't thank you enough for reporting it (more people should do that!)

  11. when i debug, stock overflu, i realy need the debug option coz, i making a proj for stimulation, i need to find where the loop takes place in memory for profiling.

  12. Well, uhm, all I can say is:

    - Please try Dev-C++
    - Please read Important notice 1.
    - Version will fix any bugs I can find in the debugger.